1030 S Barrel Cactus Ridge, Benson, AZ 85602

CT RV Resort Guest Rules & Regulations

Thank you for choosing CT RV ResortWe work hard to offer a well-maintained Resort with great amenities. When owners and guests follow the rules, everyone has an enjoyable experience. Violation of these rules could mean early departure without a refund. 

  • All RVs must register upon arrival. Check-out time is 11:00 am. No refunds for early departure. 
  • Only fully self-contained recreational vehicles are allowed. We do not allow Pop-Ups or tent camping. All site rental fees are due and payable in advance. Resort management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Guests must be 21 or older to register for an RV site. 
  •  Operation of a motorized vehicle is prohibited within the resort by anyone under the age of 16.
  • All RV’s must be RVIA or RVIC approved before entering the Resort. Owners must possess a current registration and be able to show proof of RV insurance.  
  • No more than three (3) dogs, cats or other common household pets per RV or lot. 
  • Storage under and around RVs is limited to a few items and must be kept neat (i.e., hitch components, coolers, folding chairs, ladder). Management will determine what constitutes storage violations and that determination may be affected by the overall appearance of the site. As with storage of personal items, overall aesthetics will be considered by Management in making the determination of a violation. Management will provide guests a written violation notice of their site and guests will be given a timeline of 24 hours to address the violation(s). Some violations will require immediate attention and will not be given a 24-hour timeline. Failure to do so will result in eviction. 
  • GarbageDO NOT leave trash outside. Outside trash cans on sites are prohibited. Dumpsters are available for household garbage only. Resort dumpsters will not accommodate large items. Should guests need to dispose of large items (boxes larger than 24”x24”x24”), please contact resort staff for disposal assistance. Do not dispose of hazardous waste items anywhere in the Resort. 
  • Working on vehicles is prohibited. 
  • Gas cans of any size are prohibited.  
  • The Resort Speed Limit is 10 MPH. Remember, only you can prevent speed bumps. 
  • Vehicles must be parked in your assigned site and not on vacant sites or the street. Visitors of guests are welcome, but they must park on your site, or up front in the overflow parking. No more than one RV and two vehicles per site. Overnight guests must be registered in the office. Anymore than four persons in an RV will be charged $5/per additional person. 
  • Tent camping, sleeping in cars or outside of the RV is prohibited. We are not a campground.  
  • Allowable shade coverings should be made of HDPE canvas materialTemporary shade units cannot have more than two sides. Colored tarps (blue, brown, etc.) are not acceptable as shade units or to cover personal property.  
  • Temporary pet fence is permitted, however, not taller than 40” and must located at the rear of the lot.  
  • Check with management before securing anything into the ground. If you damage any lines or wires in the process, you may be charged for repairs. 
  • Quiet hours are 10:00 pm – 8:00 am. Quiet time evening hours may be extended for CT RV Resort sponsored events taking place at the Barn and Crow’s Nest areas as determined by the General Manager. Children under 18 years of age are required to be at their RV site during quiet time. Unless there is a power outage, the operation of generators is not allowed at any time in the Resort. 
  • Pool hours are 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. All guests must be accompanied by a resident or registered guest while using pool facilities. Swimsuits and proper protection, if needed, must be worn. Please shower before entering pool and/or hot tub and observe all posted pool rules. Children under 18, must always be accompanied in the pool. Children under 10 are not allowed in the hot tub under any circumstance. If sick, stay home. No smoking. No glassware. No food. 
  • Benson city law requires your sewer hose to be securely attached with a donut or screw in type adapter and the hose must be 3” off the ground. 
  • Arizona law requires all pets must be on a secure leash, not longer than 6’, outside the RV. Animals, of any type, are not allowed to roam freely around the Resort. Pets are not allowed in any indoor common areas or around the perimeter of the Crow’s Nest. Take pets into designated pet areas and clean up after them, no matter where they do their business. Do not leave pets outside unattended. Also, we do not take kindly to barking dogs. If you don’t follow these rules, you will be asked to kennel your pet outside the Resort or leave without a refund. Please review breed restrictions. 
  • All lots are privately owned. Do not enter other lots, occupied or unoccupied, without permission of the owner or renter.  
  • Prevent wildlife, snakes and rats. Do not leave food outside. No bird feeders permitted, other than hummingbird feeders. 
  • Washing vehicles or RVs requires a wash permit – $5.00 for a car or truck and $10.00 for an RV. Permits can be purchased in the office.  
  • Wheel covers must be of a type specifically designed for RVs. No tarps, wood or cardboard may be used.  
  • Vehicles must be in running order and currently registered on site during your stay with us 
  • All RV’s and personal vehicles must be capable of being moved within a 24-hour notice. If an owner cannot move their vehicle or RV, owner must have it moved by a third party, at the owner’s expense. 
  • Vehicles must be parked on your assigned site or in designated parking areas only. Parking on another site or in the street is prohibited. Vehicles parked in violation of these rules are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. 
  • Use of firearms, lethal weapons, fireworks, slingshots, pellet or BB guns, bow and arrows are not allowed at any time. 
  • No open fires, fire rings, chimneys, etc., except for propane or charcoal. NO smoking or vape products, in any of our buildings (including the bathrooms) or within 20’ of entrances. 
  • The Resort and Resort management are not responsible for loss, damage or claims for damages to property of guests due to fire, theft, wind, rain, hail, accident or any Acts of God. 
  • Accidents do happen; however, we reserve the right to seek reimbursement for malicious or blatant destruction of any Resort property. There will be a minimum $50.00 repair charge if anyone drives, over or into a Water Riser or Electric Pedestal. 
  • Rents are due and payable at time of check in. Electric meters will be read on the 1st of each month and payment is due no later than the 5th. Meters will also be read prior to departure and are payable upon checkout. 
  • Wi-Fi is provided to our guests, however the bandwidth does not support working from home.
  • Downloading of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. Any fines or legal costs imposed for violation of this provision shall be the sole responsibility of the violator who agrees to pay all such expenses. Thank you for being courteous of others by protecting our airwaves. 
  • Guests use the Resort facilities and amenities at their own risk. The Resort is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather or catastrophic events. 
  • Open and obvious conditions – The Resort is not responsible for guests who hit, drive into, bump into, fall or trip into open and obvious structures such as trees, shrubs, fences, fire hydrants with vehicles or by person. These conditions do not carry warnings because the “obviousness” of the danger is sufficient. 
  • Common courtesy will prevail between all persons in the Resort. Profane, abusive or threatening language or actions directed at Resort personnel or other guests are prohibited. Anyone engaging in such activity will be evicted from the Resort. Any guest whose actions interfere with the operation of the Resort will be evicted. 
  • All guests and vendors are responsible for abiding by Resort rules and policies. Any person who fails to adhere to Resort rules and policies may be evicted from the Resort at the sole discretion of Resort management. These rules and policies supersede any previous rules or policies previously written or discussed.  
  • Disregard for any of the above rules will be grounds for terminating a guest’s stay without refund. Management reserves the right to add or to change these rules as circumstances require. 


The Resort reserves the right to make changes to the rules and policies at any time, without prior notice.